The first graduates of the double degree program of RSUE and the European University recieved the European Diplomas (Bachelor of Business Administration)

June 25 was a day of a very bright event in the international life of our University. It is the first time in the 80-years history RSUE (RINH) when students received diplomas of other university. One year ago 9 students of different faculties of RSUE (RINH) joined the common double degree program of RSUE (RINH) and the European University (Switzerland, Spain). According the Double-diploma program students were studying international aspects of business and management at first in Rostov, and then in Barcelona.

And as a result of all — sleepless nights before exams, trial and «work on mistakes» — the presentation of the final project in English at the European University. President of the European University, Dirk Craen with heads of all campuses of the European University came to the Rostov State University of Economics for the first time and took part in the commencement ceremony 2012. During the ceremony Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Guskov I.A., rector of RSUE (RINH) Kuznetsov N.G. and first vice rector were awarded the honorary title of doctorates of European University. The president of the European University Dirk Craen became the honorary professor of RSUE and all heads of European University campuses were awarded the A.I. Gozulov’s medals.

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