Online lecture on Corruption with Södertörn University

On November 26, final-year students of the Financial Faculty had a unique opportunity to exploit a new form of interactive and group education. Together with the students of Södertörn University — Sweden (with whom RSUE has recently signed an Academic Cooperation Agreement) our students had an online lecture on “Corruption”, delivered by the Professor of Södertörn University.

In his lecture Professor gave an overall description of the problematic issues caused by corruption, its negative impact on social, economic and political environment, highlighted main “prerequisites” for corruption. The lecture was followed by questions and contributions both from Russian and Swedish students. Discussion included description of corruption in Russia, EU and Sweden, students’ personal experience and attitude to this phenomena, search of possible remedies for fight with corruption, etc.

This lecture was a part of an international education module for the students of both universities. Prior to lecture they had to get acknowledged with a relevant literature in the field of corruption prepared by teacher and to find at least 3 articles in this field by themselves. On basis of this preparatory work and the online lecture students later had to write an essay “Corruption in the EU and Russia” which is then was reviewed and comparatively analyzed by the students of partner-university.

Such form of cooperation in spite of being a new one for RSUE’s students was warmly greeted by them as far as it gives a unique opportunity not only to experience European educational practices but also to get to know mates from the other university, improve English proficiency and, of course, international profile.