Preparatory courses for foreign citizens

The Federal State Budget-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Education “Rostov State University of Economics” (hereinafter referred to as “University”) carrying out educational activities based on the License for the right to conduct educational activities Ne 1804, dated December 08, 2015, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, life-time, and based on the State Accreditation Certificate No 1846, dated April 12, 2016, issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, for the period from April 12, 2016 to December 22, 2020, in the person of the Vice-Rector for Studies Vasiliy Yu. Boev, acting under the power of attorney Ne 19/1169 dated April 3, 2019, publishes the proposal to conclude a Preliminary Contract for foreign citizens to study at RSUE; the Offer is addressed to any person with whom the contract (hereinafter the Contract) is signed on the terms and conditions set forth in the Preliminary Contract. The foreign citizen, with whom the Contract is signed, hereinafter is referred to as the “Listener”.

The proposal shall be considered an offer (a public offer) in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article
437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as “the RF cc”).

The public offer (hereinafter referred to as “the Offer”) shall come into force upon being posted on
the official site of the University and shall be valid until the Offer revocation by the

Public Offer

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