Proposals for Partners

RSUE is an active developer and implementer of Programs for Financial Literacy Improvement among Population for more than 12 years. The programs are directed at different target groups including: schoolchildren, students, various social adult groups, government officials, and the elderly.

By the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation №1868-p of 25.10.2010 RSUE’s representatives were awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Field of Education in 2010 for the cycle of scientific works and teaching-methodical and applied research «Formation and development of the system of long-life financial education and cross-border spread of financial literacy, including specialized internet portal and a set of multi-format textbooks, manuals, methodical developments».

The biggest international projects on financial literacy included:

  • Innovative scientific-research project on the development of the scientific and methodological support for the process of financial literacy improvement among students (by the Order of the Russian Economic School and with the support of the Citi Foundation);
  • Innovative scientific-research project for the development, implementation and dissemination of programs of financial literacy improvement among population in the Rostov region in 2008-2009 (with the support of the Citi Foundation);
  • «Financial transparency of federal transfers in the South of Russia» (project of TASIS, 2001);
  • «The Establishment of the Centre for the professional training of SMEs’ personnel in the field of economy and finance» (the project of TEMPUS, 2000);
  • «Management of the state budget» (the project of the Barents Group, LLC NTF 4100, 1999);
  • «Technical assistance to the South Russian banking system, cooperation in the sphere of human resources’ development and enterprises’ restructuring» with the Hellenic Bank Association (Association of Greek banks / Athens, Greece, 1999).

Today RSUE invites its Partners to join financial literacy investigations within:

  • analysis of the processes in the field of distribution of financial literacy in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and other countries;
  • elaboration of proposals for the unification of approaches to the spread of financial literacy in CEE and other countries;
  • joint development of the educational and methodical materials for educational programs on financial literacy on the basis of universities’ current experience;
  • scientific and educational internships for teachers and students from partner universities on the issues of financial literacy dissemination.