Double Degree Programs

In collaboration with the European University , Switzerland, Campus Barcelona, Rostov State University of Economics offers a Double Degree Program “Bachelor of Business Administration”.

This Program allows RSUE students to gain priceless experience of living and studying abroad, broaden their contacts’ network, get global profile and improve their employment possibilities and career prospects after graduation.

This is a three-year program for the students of RSUE who study in the field of Economics or Management.

Program’s curriculum is provided by the European University and is based on module system that combines theoretic basics and practical elements, including case-study technologies and workshops. Majority of the involved professors and lecturers have proficient business background.

The first two years of studies involve mainly theoretical courses in Accounting, Finance, Project Management, Marketing, Management, etc. These basic courses correspond to the European University curriculum and are fully recognized and transferred by EU.

The third year of studies includes EU courses that were not covered during the first and the second year at RSUE. During autumn semester these courses are taught at RSUE (majority of them are conducted in English), for the spring semester students go to the EU Barcelona campus where they continue their education and defend Diploma Thesis (all the education is in English only).

Program requirements:

  • at least 2 years of studying at RSUE, programs in Economics or Management;
  • good academic record;
  • good English writing and speaking skills (Upper-Intermediate level).


For more information on Double Degree Programs please contact International Office.